Joyful Cry Media Productions India is a Film Production company. We are about making films, whether they are dramatic features, documentaries, music videos, corporate videos, multimedia projects, TV programs, commercials or home movies. ‘Actually "Film" isn't the right term to describe all types of productions; no single word is. You could call them "motion pictures" but that has echoes of Kollywood hype. Sometimes, the name we use for a production has to do with how it is made. A documentary shown in a theatre might be a "film", but if you saw the same thing on television you might call it a "show" or a "program". A two-hour drama may begin life as a "picture", be called a "feature" when shown at a festival, a "release" in theatres, a "movie" when broadcast on television, a "video" or "DVD" by the sales clerk at your local store and a "full-length download" or "video podcast" on the Internet. This confusion about names reflects how diverse the many forms of production and distribution have become.

We have got a enthusiastic group of professionals who can deliver the goods to provide the clients with the best value for their money. We believe in people and being associated with the best minds and nurturing them that keeps us strive for higher goals. We work on emerging trends and technologies in the industry and provide customers with high performance and comprehensive creative video outputs. We adapt ourselves to changing business needs of the customers.

Code of Ethics
We pride ourselves in delivering quality video/audio content in accordance with client requirements on time
To be the best in providing quality content, offering services to our clients and helping them meet their objectives.
Through our persistent dedicated service: we aim to -
• Understand the requirements of our clients comprehensively and engage quality service
• instil a sense of trust with our clients and achieve satisfaction
Filmmaking is a collaborative process requiring the skills and talents of many people. To smoothly run any production, one requires professionals from various craft departments. Depending on the nature and scope of the subject we require commissioning of accomplished people no lesser than a Director, Cinematographer, Screenwriter, and Editor so on.

We have on our board some of the upcoming technicians and head of each of these craft department from the Film Industry. We engage the services of these people on a case to case basis and execute the apposite assignment.
Advertising doesn’t sell anything to be precise because it’s a pretty radical concept. To reiterate, ‘ADVERTISE- MENTS NEVER SELL ANYTHING’.

Then, what is advertising? Good advertising engages customers and gets them to take the next step and contact you. You sell! The task of advertising then is to help present your brand so that your customers and prospective customers will want what you have.

Now how does this happen? A team of talented people sits down with you, listens to your objectives and crafts a coordinated solution to meet those goals. We are that team!!